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Our Calling

Breaking sin's chains,

Empowering the soul


Sin's chains bind the human soul in darkness and leave devastation in its path. This spiritual devastation is increased by poverty's physical devastation in many third world countries.  Now more than ever sin's destructive effect can be seen as COVID19 has created a global crisis with lasting consequences.  


More developed nations are blessed by government stimulus funds and revitalizing economies; but the poor in developing countries are not so fortunate.  Creating small businesses just to survive, many are forced to use their meager savings and small operational capital to exist. Lack of resources and business knowledge creates a cycle of poverty that is seemingly impossible to get out of.


"In as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me." God-fearing people have been called to support "the least of these." Thus during times of crisis, we are quick to organize packaging houses, relief food, clothes banks, and financial gifts. We send them off and pat ourselves on the back; but when the push for crisis aid ends, we don't see a lasting effect in these areas. Poverty still remains and we walk away feeling good about "Doing our part."

This process of aid relief has its place.  But is it possible are material gifts have created dependency and not sustainability?  Throwing material goods at a problem can potentially rob the poor of their God-given gifts of faith, creativity, and personal dignity. In effect, past missions and aid organizations have accidentally established long term welfare programs that have only temporally affected poverty's chains.  


We believe God has called us to a lasting solution of addressing the chains of sin and poverty. This calling is accomplished by empowering indigenous business owners with sustainable tools of spiritual and financial harvest. Learn more by reading about "Our Vision." 

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