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Got Questions?

Q:  Are there not banks already available to help those in extreme poverty?

 A:  Not often. Banks don’t generally operate in the poorest communities because the poor have no collateral to safeguard loans. This greatly limits traditional banking systems.


Q:  Why start a business?

A:  In many developing nations, it is common to see unemployment rates of 60% or higher. Finding an existing job is not likely. Creating their own jobs will benefit both individuals AND the entire community.


Q:  Who is behind the Empowerment Fund?


A:  The Empowerment Fund is under the umbrella of Mission Resource International, a faith-based organization founded by David Ketchum and serving individuals and businesses in the developing world since 2003. MRI is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana.


Q:  Why is the Empowerment Fund a “better way”?

A:  When the poor are empowered through loans to create their own revenue streams, they gain dignity and purpose. A “handout” may meet an immediate need, but will ultimately steal dignity and create dependency.  When the poor have a way to securely save money, they gain long term security.

Plus, we have the privilege of maintaining ongoing relationships through which to offer discipleship and business coaching.

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