Are You Looking For
A Better Way?

You care about the world's poor,

       but the challenges seem overwhelming.

  • 750 Million people surviving on less than $1.90 a day

  • 2 Billion souls experiencing food insecurity 

  • 1 in 5 children so malnourished their growth is stunted

  • Difficulty in finding good healthcare, clean water, and education

PLUS, you know that "handouts" can often do more harm than good - leading to dependency and corruption.

You want to live out Jesus's command to "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". (Matt. 7:12)

But HOW?

The Empowerment Fund is the Way forward.

A Better Way.

What makes it different?

Your gift to the Empowerment Fund becomes an investment.

And that investment is matched with a person in the developing world who is thinking ...

  • If only I had $200, I could start my own spice business.

  • If only I had $1,000, I could buy a motorcycle to use as a taxi.

  • If only I had $50, I could buy some chickens. 

But your investment does more than provide start-up capital: It enables business and spiritual training, plus an opportunity to begin a savings account. 

In time, your investment spreads through

       - a family,

               - a church,

                        - a neighborhood,

                                   - an entire village.



their LIVES are CHANGED at the foundation!



To break the chains of sin and poverty by empowering business owners with tools of spiritual and financial harvest. 

To plant Indigenous, local organizations that become  self-governed, self-funded,  and self-replicating. 

Seeing the needy clothed and fed is encouraging; but seeing souls lifted and empowered is life changing. 

Are you being called to support the Empowerment Fund? Any involvement can make an impact